How to Manually Install Windows 10 1809 October 2018 Update

Microsoft recently announced that the most recent Windows 10 features update known as Windows 10 October update version 1809, can be downloaded now. Alongside performance and security enhancements the update also comes with numerous enhancements. There are also enhancements to the UI which include dark mode on File Explorer, the new Your Phone application and a brand-new software for taking screenshots as well as a lot more. Similar to other update to features, this one will be released over Windows Update in staggered phases dependent on the platform you’re running it in. However, some users might decide to install it manually or perform a clean installation by hand.

Important! As of this post, Microsoft has paused this update. The issue with this update is that it has caused some personal files belonging to users to disappear following the update. If you have already installed the upgrade, you should hold off upgrading until Microsoft declares that the issue is fixed and makes available new media. Before undertaking an update of this magnitude ensure that you backup your computer and implement a complete backup plan. Also, take a look at this guideline to prepare your computer for the upgrade.

Manually Install Windows 10 1809

A simple method to install the new feature update is to make use of Microsoft’s own tool. To begin, go over to the Windows 10 Download page and select Update now and download Update Assistant software.

From here the procedure for upgrading is simple. Start the program and it will test your system’s compatibility and install the upgrade. Make sure that you do it this way, your existing applications, files and settings will remain. It’s important to mention that you are able to cancel the update by clicking on your mind that you can end the update when it’s running, in case you are having doubts about it when it’s running.

If you’re an experienced user who wants to install Windows 10 on a clean basis then you can download Media Creation Tool Media Creation Tool from the identical download page as mentioned above. The tool will download the complete ISO version that includes Windows 10 1809 and help to build physically-based media (USB drive or DVD) to perform an clean installation, or you can utilize an image of the OS to install it in the virtual machine.

However there is a chance that you do not need your system to be upgraded yet. In reality, we generally suggest waiting for at least a month until the initial couple of cumulative updates are available. Microsoft has an Insider program, but once the official version becomes available to the public new bugs and issues appear. To find out more you can read our guide for tips on how to delay or delay Windows 10 1809. It will give you a number of methods to delay the release for Windows 10 Home or Pro for a short period of time to an entire year.